The Seattle Times

"Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure tears open plush toys to reveal the beautiful robotic innards hidden beneath them." 

- Video by Lauren Frohne

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The New York Times

"If the movie Mad Max had had a toyshop, these half-whimsical, half-disturbing animals would have fit right in." 

- Pilar Vilades

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The San Francisco Examiner

"If visual magic is her goal, McClure is 100 percent successful. Her three installations using motion, light and sound are astonishing, a visual and aural three-ring circus that scares and delights equally. They are so effective that they could bring even a curmudgeon to a state of childlike wonder." 

- David Bonetti

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The Seattle Times

"McClure beautifully fabricates this kind of in-between state; we want to decipher the mechanics of her contraptions even while we long to lose ourselves in the fantasy." 

- Gayle Clemans

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The Financial Times

"The cotton wool flew.  

“We’re getting down into the guts of the piece,” she said.  

Poor little thing, I said.  

She gave an explosive giggle.  

“Not poor little thing! I prefer to see them as liberated,” she said." 

- Anthony Haden Guest

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The Stranger

"What lurks under the pelts of your kids' mechanical plush toys? Betty Bowen Award–winning artist and metalworker Cathy McClure took a pair of scissors to find out." 

- Joule Zelman

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