Cathy McClure is an American sculptor, designer, "antidisciplinarian" and multi-media artist.  


what i do

"I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil." -Truman Capote

McClure has a strong background in metalsmithing and design. She also produces videos and sculptures in which she cuts and destroys discarded battery operated stuffed animals with scissors, and reinvents them - a violent and deeply metaphorical act relating to lost youth and consumerism. 

RISD Lecture 2 - Murray Moss Interdisciplinary Design Becomes the Norm

"This is this woman, this is Cathy McClure and she walks in and, who is she, what is she doing, what is she making, what do you call this stuff, what category, what, what....what is it?  And so we wound up representing her and became more importantly very close friends with her.  But this is what I wrote: 

If one were to observe Seattle based artist Cathy McClure as she begins remaking what were originally sold as animatronic cute robotic plush toys into robotic creatures of her own vision, it would suggest slaughterhouse rather than art studio........." - Murray Moss

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READY FOR THEIR CLOSE UPS! McClure Bots at Edelman Arts

Video set for Menagerie courtesy of Asher and Michelle Edelman - their dining room in Manhattan


Midway, Moss Bureau, New York, NY

Murray Moss surrounded by Cathy McClure's Midway installation at Moss Bureau


Ziggy Moonduster, King Street Station, Seattle, WA


Collaboration between Cathy McClure, Jason Gover and Alden Mackey, Ziggy Moonduster, interactive installation.  Shown at King Street Station, Seattle WA, Giant Steps Exhibition

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