"Just in time for holiday hostilities, Cathy McClure unleashes her armies of Mechanized and Synchronized Mickey Mayhem at Moss. Two small but lethal battalions (one x 12 and one x 6) of stripped-down Mickeys confront each other on the famous War Zone platform at Moss Bureau. This makes synchronized swimming look like child's play." - Moss Bureau

Lot 117: Bots

Seattle metalsmith-artist Cathy McClure's stripped-down bronze-armatured motor-driven former-plush-toy mechanisms are Lot 117 in the Moss curated auction Dialogues Between Art and Design at Phillips de Pury October 16. Bassett, Lady Bug, Rooster and Some Pig can be seen in action by clicking on the video.


"Midway" references the traveling carnivals of Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure's youth -- complete with music, whirling lights, futuristic mechanized toys, a buzzing 10' ferris wheel and working carousel. On view at Bellevue Arts Museum through January 22, 2012.

3 Ring Circus

"An installation of three zoetropes features ear-flapping, trunk-waving elephants slowly circling stainless-steel Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds—the flashing strobe lights and minor-key music leaven big-eyed cuteness with glitzy dystopia." -R.C. Baker, Village Voice


"You'll never look at those cute little mechanical stuffed bunnies the same way again. On Thursday, Moss unveils Remains, an exhibition by the artist Cathy McClure, whose particular passion is taking these mass-produced, eminently disposable items and redesigning them as precious objects.  If the movie Mad Max had had a toyshop, these half-whimsical, half-disturbing animals would have fit right in. " - PILAR VILADAS "New York Times

Carnival of Life

"If visual magic is her goal, McClure is 100 percent successful.  Her three installations using motion, light and sound are astonishing, a visual and aural three-ring circus that scares and delights equally.  They are so effective that they could bring even a curmudgeon to a state of childlike wonder."  - David Bonetti San Francisco Examiner

Jingle Bell Rock Bot

Jingle bell rock bot from Cathy McClure


Installation view from Skyward! group exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Seattle Space Needle.  Curated by Jana Brevick and Shelly Leavens, September 2012.


Baby was created by Seattle artist Cathy McClure

here i am, entertain me!

"McClure is the best at what she does, inspiring disoriented awe."  - Regina Hackett, Seattle PI