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Interior Design - Like a Rolling Stone article
Like A Rolling Stone
Interior Design, November 21 2012

With his latest venture, Murray Moss continues to show (and share) his endless curiosity for design both new and old.

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Murray Ross
Design Sage Murray Moss on the Unconventional Wisdom Fueling His Phillips Auction
ArtInfo, October 12 2012

Even before shuttering his eponymous gallery in SoHo this year, design maven Murray Moss has made it abundantly clear he wouldn’t miss the shop at all (“Things get stale,” were his exact words). When its doors closed in February, he launched the Moss Bureau consultancy firm in its stead, the duties of which have included flying to Paris to remerchandise the crystal collections of Baccarat, and temporarily living inside Vienna’s MAK Museum while discussing a potential show there.

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“When You Interrupt Us, You Have to Deal With Us”: Murray Moss Invites You to Intrude at His Midtown Lab
Artinfo, May 22 2012

Three months after closing SoHo’s venerated design destination Moss, founders Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell have settled into their latest business, the Moss Bureau consulting agency, in its new home in the Garment District. To see its inaugural exhibition, Cathy McClure’s “Midway,” all you need to do is take the elevator to the 10th floor, where it opens directly into the new office.

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Now Showing | Stuffed Animals, Cuddly No More
New York Times, May 22, 2012

The “disease”-inspired vessels that Murray Moss had been planning to show this past weekend at Moss Bureau, his recently opened space in the garment center, were unfortunately stuck in customs. (Or was that quarantine?)

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Casas & Gente
Un Juego de Robot
Casas & Gente, February 2012

Cathy McClure es una artista de Seattle que heredo de los “Tiempos-Modermos” esos robotos que salen del consumismo y de herramientas de cocina. Mas humanos que otros, los “Bots” de Cathy toman vida sin que nos demos cuenta. Para Casa & Gente contesta algunas preguntas.

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Seattle press
Michael Cooper’s retrostpective, Cathy McClure’s ‘Midway’ at BAM
The Seattle Times, July 28, 2011

McClure’s futuristic-nostalgic visions are made manifest in creepy-cute plastic and metal robotic toys that line the wall in mute dysfunction or sti idly in their circular tracks. A large video production demonstrates that many of these little creatures can, in fact, move …

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Cathy McClure: ‘Midway’
Seattle Weekly, July 6, 2011

A creepy little circus, Cathy McClure’s strobe-lit Midway may induce seizures. Periodically, however, the stroboscope stops and the gallery lights go up, and you can approach the carousel more safely.

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Cathy’s McClure’s Playthings
Texas Tech University School of Art Alumni, March 24, 2010

Plush mechanical toys, that find their way into the studio of Cathy McClure, are stripped of their fluffy faux pelts. Their exposed cheap plastic innards are disassembled and recreated in highly crafted metals such as silver, bronze aluminum.

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At Design Miami, Moss Marshals McClure’s Mechanical Menagerie Unbeige, December 8, 2009

Among our favorite finds at Design Miami, which wrapped up Saturday in the sunny city’s Design District, is the metal menagerie created by Cathy McClure and exhibited by Moss.

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Cathy McClure: ‘Menagerie’ – The Village Voice

Mcclure’s Magic Circus — Intricate Installation By Young Artist Well Worth A Look — The Seattle Times

A Shadow Reality In A Trick Of The Light — Artist Cathy Mcclure’s Creations Spin Chaotic Illusions — The Seattle Times